Now you can have your bakkie lining in any colour

News - Colour

Polyzilla has introduced their TREND polymer system to the South African market. This is the first time that this aliphatic polyuria system is available offering customers the option to now specify the colour they want for the lining in their load bed. This system offers all the quality and features you come to expect from our products but with superior resistance to colour fade. Based on same technology as automotive paints it will offer similar protection against UV wear. Previously this has been unheard of in our market and customers had always only been able to have their linings in any colour as long as it was black. Customers spend a lot of money on their vehicle and are wanting more options to customize it and make it stand out from the rest. With this option you can colour match, Colour co-ordinate or even opt for a contrasting colour for a real wow effect. We can already see that this application will reach much further than just delivery vehicles and have received inquiries for marine and construction applications.